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Forbes » Member Profile » Jean-Claude Chalhoub

Forbes   » Member Profile » Jean-Claude Chalhoub

Jean Claude Chalhoub (Site web :’s movement to his next position was nicely timed; it made it possible for him to start off with an already internationally well-known company. The company was further expanded when he ventured into untouched regions, such as Latin America, France and Canada. His abilities and flexibility stood Jean Claude Chalhoub in good stead to be picked for a managerial job.

The Hobbies of Jean Claude Chalhoub's

Jean Claude Chalhoub holds a passion for horse racing. In order to complement this, he bought a racehorse which has taken part in races all around the globe. He is a bit of a wine connoisseur who additionally has a passion for antiques; he enjoys collecting both. Horse racing is one of Jean Claude Chalhoub’s interests, as is ocean sailing. He also really likes to travel worldwide.

Jean Claude Chalhoub - His Personal Skills

Jean Claude Chalhoub`s most impressive skill is his flexibility to communicate effectively and to build trust between himself and the individuals he meets. He can use multiple languages, a skill that better enables him to interact comfortably with customers. Chalhoub's skills of communication and comprehension have allowed him to maintain the ultimate level of co-operation and understanding with the company's customers and associates, together with his family. Jean Claude Chalhoub has "assumed the throne" of the family business, thanks to his unique qualities.

Jean Claude Chalhoub: His Childhood

Jean Claude Chalhoub is descended from the owner of an international insurance and reinsurance company director. He was given assistance in learning Italian, Spanish, Arabic, English and French by the various visitors who went to his country. Born in the late 50's in Egypt, Jean Claude Chalhoub comes from a business-oriented household. As a child he was a large part of the lives of his loved ones.

His job as an average staff member comprehensively equipped him as a director to run the business in a manner that no one else was able to. The excellent success achieved in his professional life can be attributed to the invaluable knowledge accumulated at the beginning of his career. Being in a position to view the activities of his father frequently as a member of staff, Jean Claude Chalhoub received an excellent practical knowledge of company management from the get-go.