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Self employment

Staff at Augentius (Cooconnect) are availed of many opportunities to really progress in their careers. By making courses available, they promote a success culture in which practical knowledge and capability are at the forefront. A chain is merely as strong as its most fragile link: That is why the company fosters employee vocation growth. Looking after employees as well as business concerns makes for harmonious, long-term improvement. Under the guise of a Platinum ACCA Approved Employer, Augentius has many long-term staff members who have reaped the advantages that such standing entails.

Depositary service costs must be tailored to meet the efforts and risks involved with each fund. The reasons for why Augentius is the recommended depositary to help a company meet the demands of Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive (AIFMD) are numerous. The monetary specialists employed at the company understand all the nuances of looking after client assets. Depositary solutions Augentius provides to clients meet the directives of the AIFMD or Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive.

In accordance with adjustments made by regulators, KNEIP and Augentius keep track of and update reporting services and technical support for their customers. Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive is the service of choice when it comes to cutting-edge technical assistance. The company proudly uses top-rated technology that guarantees precise and up-to-date accounting data-processing. As circumstances change, Augentius' tech team always provides excellent service, such as help and guidance through the overwhelming reporting requirements in Europe.

What is Behind Augentius’ Excellence?

Augentius is referred to as one of the very best specialists in its particular field owing to its outstanding background in offering excellent financial solutions. Utilising the very same accountancy software to guarantee uniformity, compatibility and customer satisfaction, Augentius hires employees in a number of different international locations. Irrespective of any setbacks, it is imperative that work is delivered in a timely manner.

Augentius: About the Company

Any reliable company involved with financial matters will have a wealth of experience to back up the decisions it makes. Reliability, consistency and quality: these are essential to providing clients with the financial solutions they require. Supporting 137 clients internationally, Augentius supports them in the capacity of Real Estate and Private Equity administrators. Augentius serves customers in more than 95 countries the world over.

Working With Augentius: The Benefits

Augentius has a vast knowledge of the finance industry's countless laws. Taking on only the most-gifted to build the teams that serve their clientele, the company goes further by providing expert specialists to assist them in dealing with complex issues. Augentius values its customers greatly, which is why they ensure that they do not just provide specific and standardised solutions, but also complete them on time.