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Augentius’ Plans to Support Career Advancement

Augentius (site : ' outstanding success are largely due to the continuing assistance it provides to its staff. A chain is merely as resilient as its most fragile link: That’s why the company advances staff vocation growth. Augentius is rated as a Platinum ACCA-Approved Employer, so it is not surprising to discover that many of their staff have been employed by the organisation for quite a few years.

Augentius can take pride in its Disaster Recovery (DR) abilities, which have been proven and verified. Known for the superior service it provides, they are known as one of the best organisations in the monetary market. Regardless of any obstacles, it is imperative that services are provided in a timely manner. By engaging almost 500 expert staff (all of whom use the same accounting programs) in various countries around the world, satisfaction is always guaranteed to every single client of Augentius.

A mandatory qualification for all employees working in the financial market is a detailed knowledge of Private Equity and Real Estate Funds. Augentius provides depositary services using the Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive (AIFMD). Increasing resources often outstrip the ability to manage them. That is why lots of organisations request support from experts who specialise in asset management. Augentius engages the very best-qualified financial professionals from around the world to build their teams. Also, each team is backed by a specialist tech team to enhance efficiency when taking care of complex issues.

Fund management can be a tremendously complicated venture: That’s why trustworthy fund administrators can maximise your company's finances. Augentius are able to present depositary solutions to make sure your company is fully compliant with AFIMD, also known as the Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive. Each fund has its own risks and needs. That’s why all depositary services are put together with these demands in mind. Depositary services delivered by Augentius are tailored to conform to the Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive (AIFMD) guidelines.

With fully-qualified and dependable accountants, Augentius is able to make available a high-level of assistance for all financial-related affairs. Reliability, consistency and quality: these make it possible to supply clients with the financial solutions they require. The firm has a wide variety of clients spanning 95 countries. Augentius was founded in 2002. Located near the iconic London Bridge, the company employs between 200 and 500 people.

Augentius and its Relation to AIFMD

Following a four month trial, it was concluded that the AIFMD reporting service ranks amongst the most useful computer software that the AIFMD has developed. Augentius employs the very best technology on the market to ensure precise and thorough data processing. The company is partnered with KNEIP as part of the AIFMD. Both Augentius and KNEIP actively maintain technical support expertise and reporting programs for customers in order to guarantee that they fulfil the expectations of regulators.